100 Words of Thanks

My wife is the best. She puts up with the up and down moodiness that I can spread around in ways that can be most difficult. She has a way of keeping us three boys in check so that the house can stay far away from the frat atmosphere we would allow it to devolve into. My wife is an equal in every way which props me up when I need and knocks me down when I need that as well. I can’t imagine being without her because life is never as good as it is when we are together.


  1. What guy doesn’t love a big green plastic Adirondack chair? Made even better with cracks in the seat and a bit of a wobble. Thanks for your comment and be on the lookout for sawdust. -Chris

  2. Chris, this is a lovely tribute to your wife. I was smiling, ” frat atmosphere”, if I weren’t here, there would be plastic lawn furniture to sit on, and sawdust on the floor. Take care. ~ Mia

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