She rose from her desk,
Notes written,
Took off her jewelry,
Opened her Plaza window,
And stepped out to her death.

She was a veteran nurse
Who saw action in World War II and Korea,
She was tired of battling arthritis,
The pain too much for her body,
But it was the gangs of New York
That pushed her over the edge.

She left a note
Explaining it all,
Telling of the hardship of aching joints,
The shame of children killed in gangs,
Local or those pushed around by men in uniforms.
She wanted the government
To teach these boys how to work
Instead of covering up problems
With cruel social work prescriptions,

So she jumped
Leaving behind a cache of jewelry
With an estimated value of five hundred dollars.

He looked across the way
As the Vandals entered his turf.
He and his Barbarian crew
Knew they must beat them down.
This was how gangs made sure
Everyone knew where the boundaries were.
He ran at them sure his baseball bat was enough
When a Vandal pulled out a gun
And shot him in the chest.

The bullet missed the vital stuff
But put this Barbarian in his place
Blood trickled into the street,
Both gangs ran,
The police finally came.

Somehow, a little of the medical bill got paid.
Someone, told the former Barbarian
That a nurse gave her life to pay his medical bills,
But that never made a difference to the kid
His life changed when he brought a bat
To a gun fight.
He would never do that again.

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