Standing before a mirror
After a morning shower,
I’m able to take stock
Of the man in the reflection
Who shows hints of the past,
Some definition replacing encaustic layers,
Aches of ambition stymied by insecurity,
The creeping of age
And the sagging fortune of abs and a ho-hum existence.
On the other side of the door
Bruce belts out “Brilliant Disguise”
As I towel off
Dreaming of a Hemingway-month away from the race
Where I could go off and write, learn to paint,
Run on trails, or just sit on a front porch
In a rocker watching the shadows move
Across a dirt road.
Maybe there’d be a river in the distance
With hints of history
Offering a peaceful childhood.
I’d want a tractor, though,
To go out and gather wood for a fire
And if there wasn’t any, forget about it,
I’d burn the rocker. Who needs a chair
Next to a bonfire anyway?
Standing before the mirror
After a morning shower
Distracted by Springsteen
From seeing
Who’s really there.


  1. Chris, you were very successful with that capture. As a matter of fact it made me smile, then I thought about the alternative to aging, and settling for a sagging fortune of abs sounded good to me. You’re most welcome Chris, it’s my pleasure, I enjoy your writing and photography, and thank you for the support as well. ~ Mia

  2. Mia, thank you for the comment and I’m glad you like “the ho-hum” line. I was hoping to capture an image that included aging and the routine of life. Thanks for your support, I appreciate it greatly. Be well. -Chris

  3. Chris, I really like this reflection of self. Brilliant line, “And the sagging fortune of abs and a ho-hum existence.” Thank goodness for distractions. Have a wonderful week, take care. ~ Mia

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