An Election Thought

At this point, writing about the 2016 election seems trivial. All that can be said is that Americans have more than a few issues. It seems that the motivation of those aspiring to political office is to treat their duty as a personal referendum or as some sort of fantasy game that need only be reset to start over. Their failure to see the larger impact of their decisions has pushed people apart in ways that allow partisanship to exclude common sense.

But this national fiasco is far greater than the recently passed reality television show election and it rests firmly with the limited thinking that the American public bestows on its responsibility to participate in the election process. We have become less diverse ideologically which makes it easy for the politicians to obstruct, think only of their particular plank, or act as puppets for the money pit bosses that pull their strings. Since the public cannot agree on common decencies for all people, we are easily segregated into target groups and manipulated by whatever special interest the politicians feed off.

I have no allegiance to either in the two-party system and while I am disappointed in the final outcome of our latest election, I can’t say that I am surprised. While neither candidate ever convinced me that he/she stood for anything other than bashing the other candidate, I ultimately hoped my vote would help improve the conditions of our state and local representation. Believing in either presidential candidate was a waste of my time, both were equally insulting. Certainly one was common in ways that echoed some of history’s worst sounds. For me, the other was equally insulting in a more professional way. Still, I found her party to be more aligned with issues I felt important. Hopefully, the “pivot” will happen and the new guy will believe in Americans not in whatever he ran on.

Ah, whatever. The system is amok because our people are amok. Decency has left our attitudes and we seem to not value equality. It’s a shame because we have so much potential.

But only if we learn to compromise and understand we are all in this thing together…

Cliche, I know…

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