What a Little Yoga Can Do

On the first day of NaNoWriMo
I took yoga and learned
My core is weak and my hips are tight.


I went to school and had the great laugh
As a student with seventeen years of life experience
Found it appropriate to yell and me,

“You’re pulling rank and telling me where I can poop?”

(Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, LMAO…!)

“Yes,” was the answer.

I rediscovered my iPod!
Oh, how I wish my Classic could last forever.
Buried in there and resurrected today
Was a Lucinda Williams and Tony Joe White duet
That hit my chakras the way good music should.

I discovered a brownie with and Oreo and fudge in the middle
And carried it around in my gut like I was three months pregnant
Which is something since
I can never be pregnant, wrong plumbing, you know,
Being a guy and all.

The yoga did a number on my awareness
Bringing sensitivity to my abilities
To find connections, entertainment, enlightenment as each period passed.

Another student, during yoga of all things,
In my class to help students strengthen their abs
And loosen their hips,
Yelled out, “My lenses are so smeary.
I go to Lens Crafters and they clean them,
But they are still smeared. What gives?”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him
It was the ocean of sweat dripping from every pore
Near his recently commercially cleaned glasses.
He tried to dry them, really only smearing them more
And went back to Downward Dog
To puddle them more.

The day ended with a TED talk
Shown to my class without the safety of a preview,
But they seemed like they needed some inspiration
And the story of a woman surviving a bike accident
Seemed like a decent place to find some.

Little did I know that the talk
Was being directed at me
And how starting over begins best
At the bottom with a thought asking,

Being given opportunities, we must seize them
By starting something, anything, to let us live.
To deny that we are ants going about ho-hum lives
In lockstep with the other ants.
While my novel is not even close
To recovering from paralysis and learning to fly,
It’s a start nonetheless.
I mean, “Why not me?”

And to think I almost ran this morning…


  1. I was very happy to find this net-site.I wanted to thanks to your time for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoying every little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you weblog post.

  2. really enjoyed the offering today -the last lines especially brought a smile. “Why not me” and “to think I almost ran this morning” > thanks

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