14 & 42 (LHS Hoops)


Talking about the past can be a difficult thing.
Especially, when the present is filled with grief.

Back in high school, the Rams were a tight group.
Then, 14 got sick.

Physical problems brought pressure to his brain
That robbed him of life.

Always a cool cat, 14 carried his smile Magic-style,
Even on that day when we visited.

His body was weak and voice strained,
But he lit up when we entered the room.

“Yo, Sweet Cock, what are you doing, boy?”
He asked with the biggest grin.

I was crying inside
Because even at sixteen, you know.

The day 14 went to see the Lord
Was crazy cold with the brightest sun.

I cried on the church steps outside
Because at sixteen, you just don’t know what to do.

And like that
Life kept on going…


Today word got out about 42,
Who lost his struggle against cancer.

He was tall, skinny, and quiet
With a soft shot that was nothing but buckets.

He carried himself with class
Never getting caught in the drama of high school,

But he knew, knew he was a baller,
And let the nets do his talking.

We drifted apart after the season
Not to ever see each other again.

Yet, I’m bothered by this news
For the same reason.

42 was a good dude and those who know
Say the same about him today.

He leaves his family much too soon
And I hurt for them

But thinking of that gawky kid, all elbows and knees,
Makes me smile for getting to be his teammate.

And like that
Life will keep on going…

14 & 42

I hope Troy and Alan will cross paths,
Maybe even get in some pick-up games.

14 feeding 42…


  1. Thanks for your comment. It’s hard to make sense of these things and now that we are older we will probably be dealing with it more often. Have a super weekend. -Chris

  2. Elegant words Chris. Remembering all too well. Thouggts cross my mind occasionally about those who left at a young age, but with much maturity. Thanks for sharing

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