Bill Nunn


Bill Nunn, aka Radio Raheem, died today. If there is one character who symbolizes what is going on right now with police and African Americans, it is Radio Raheem. The riot scene in “Do the Right Thing” speaks to the tragedy of today with nearly the same impact as dashboard cameras and helicopter audio commentary. The movie shows the prejudices, brutality, disrespect for people and property, and the consequences of justice and hubris run amok. It’s all there, commentary of the times in 1989. It’s a shame that the message is the same twenty seven years later.

I love “Do the Right Thing,” especially when Buggin’ Out makes fun of Clifton for wearing a Larry Bird jersey. When I watch the movie, I don’t see issues of race. I know, that sounds hard, but I see a failure of people to recognize the importance of us all. I see a failure of people to see outside of skin color, a failure of people to believe beyond their religious or political affiliation, a failure of people to breathe beyond their economic assignment. Each a dumb reason to have contempt for anyone else and each an element contributing to the tragedies that too frequently happening across the country (the world). There are too many Radio Raheems today and it’s about time we started paying attention to the way we treat each other.

Let’s hope, “Left-Hand Hate is KOed by Love,” as Radio Raheem said.

RIP Bill Nunn…


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