He had a room with one wall full of books,
Sociology, psychology, law, and pulp fiction,
There to fill his days of retirement.

The problem was not that he already
Had read all of the books on the shelves,
But that his chair was lacking comfort.

He saw an ad in the New York Times
Promising unique comfort from Europe
In the form of a stressless chair.

He called the store on East 57th
With a major credit card ready
To order a chair and foot stool for three hundred dollars.

The chair arrived in perfect condition.
He put it in the corner next to the skinny window
And under a hanging lamp.

He chose to reread The Godfather
Ready to glean reasons from Puzo’s masterpiece
The Italians from Easton called his father Big Al.

He sipped some wine and leaned back into his chair
Turning to page one with an incredible feeling sinking into his spine
And promptly fell asleep.

Three-large for a chair may seem like a lot,
But for a man with a lot of books and more than enough time
Having a good chair for a companion makes retirement comfortable.

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