Old Papers

I’m reading the “Times Machine”
From July 27,1974
Like it was the first time
I ever experienced all this news.

My memories of the stories are vague,
General, and bolstered by Redford and Hoffman
Doing right by Deep Throat
In All the President’s Men.

Nixon was unraveling,
The evidence certain
That he had played a role
In covering up the Watergate break-in.

It’s funny, not really, that I’m reading this today
As Bernstein is opining on Mr. Trump’s
Loose tongue about Russia hacking Mrs. Clinton’s emails,.
Perhaps he doth speak too much.

Isn’t he old enough to know better,
But there are other stories that interest my maturing soul.
The Iceman, so adept at the finger roll, seems to have enjoyed
Pulling the trigger on his pistol and the Pacers traded Mel Daniels. What???

My interest peaks with news of the ABA
The red, white, and blue ball so much more wholesome
Than the illegalities of Watergate and
The ridiculousness of Trump v Clinton.

Perhaps this is the sign of aging
I’ve been looking for
Where the passion for the present
Is only stoked by its context to the past.

After all, aren’t we supposed to learn
From our mistakes?
That’s why studying history is so important,

Yet politicians still do stupid stuff,
Good players switch teams,
Shooting is out of control,
And I’m still reading newspapers.

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