Mr. Day’s Misguided Vision

Said Mr. Jim Day,
“You’ll see this will be the wave
Of the future.”

He was talking his truth,
But probably a different message
Than the one that would emerge
Nearly as quickly as one of his Mac-10s emptying a clip.

You see, Mr. Day owned a shooting range
Complete with these assault guns
That people could rent to shoot up old autos
In full automatic for as long as they could pay.

“People fish, they bowl,
Why not come out here and shoot some junk cars?”
The police were concerned the guns he sold
Might end up in the hands of criminals.

Day was not concerned,
Thinking the police could be a market for his wares,
Money and profit being his values,
Responsibility not a concern for his unconventional inventory.

We are getting closer to Mr. Day’s vision.
Thirty-six years later, I wonder if he has bitten the bullet.
If not, would he have a ready made excuse
For the violence happening in his nearby Dallas?

One that would say something about
Guns not killing, rather its the people
And it’s that logic that is killing me
As the escalation of gun violence seems to be because everyone has one.

Or at least the people who should not have them
Are toting rapid firing fifty shot clips,
Turning them on whoever they want,
Like, different, police, or target rich environments…

Thanks, Mr. Day for your entrepreneurial spirit
And profiteering on the Second Amendment
In a way that bastardizes the Constitution
For your gain and America’s loss.

(Source: NYT-July 14, 1980)

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