Of Ends and Beginnings


Bittersweet is the end of summer.
Gone are the days of lounging,
Writing when the mood strikes,
Watching HGTV for no good reason
Except that I can,
Working out two times a day,
And taking long walks with the dog.

Oh yeah, with time for a nap left in there too.

Sometimes the boredom sets in
Bringing with it a laziness that longs for routine
The old 7:20-2:50 with all the bells ringing,
Requests to go to the bathroom,
And angry emails about poor marks on essays.
The long summer makes for a yearning
Of curricular goals, objectives, grading scales, and
Thirty minute lunches.

Oh yeah, with the hassle of waking them up from naps.

But the boredom cannot beat the excitement
Of meeting a new class for the first time,
Kind of gunslinger’s moment, good, bad, and ugly
Complete with a stash of gold
Hidden in the lessons and experiences
Of working hard in school,
At least until next summer when the break comes back again.



Photo Credit: gratisography.com via Pexels

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