The Way of Things

A hot night in Darien, Georgia
When the creatures came out
To pepper the land with fear.

The night marauders shot up
A minister’s home and
An editor’s office.

Why would this rifle wielding thug
Shoot up a couple of buildings with a few hot rounds?
Opposition and fear mongering…

The minister and the editor
Dared to speak out against
Slot machines and whisky.

The men, wanting vice out of the county,
Took to the pulpit and paper
To spread the good word.

As is so often with unsavory types,
Especially those hoping to inflict their will on others,
Guns became the tool enforcing compliance.

They shot up the joint
Like terrorists setting off bombs or
Governments launching drones.

And for those exercising a voice of reason
Arsenals unload and keep finding their range.
So much for free speech.

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