Fire Watchers


So it is ordered
There will be an increase
In the number of fire watchers
Because we know
The use of incendiary bombs
Is a danger of conflagration
That we don’t want
Our people to experience.

Once the enemy feels the heat
They will retaliate with their own fire bombs
Bringing the same inferno
To our towns
So we must be ready for
The inevitability of their revenge.
Our watchers will direct resources
To minimize loss in the resulting blaze.

So it was written in 1942…

And it lives
In the bombs strapped to martyrs,
In the words of political candidates,
In the analysis of pundits,
In the bullets directed at the unarmed and
Those charged with our protection.
The fires spread across parched lands
Because all of the water is bottled up for selling
Yet the watchers do nothing
From their towers or lofty ambitions
Using controlled burns
To get what is best for them.

So it seems in 2016…


Photo Credit: via Pexels

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