Two Guys Driveling

Guy 1: Pat Riley was the best coach ever.

Guy 2: Not at all. Auerbach. He won way more championships.

Guy 1: Then you would have to say Phil Jackson is best according to the championship metric.

Guy 2: He doesn’t count. He had Jordan and Pippen, then Shaq and Kobe. All that Zen stuff masks the unbelievable talent he had.

Guy 1: Red was the man. He did it over the long haul and consecutively. The Celtics were boss.

Guy 2: But they could never compete today. I’ll give you his teams being great, but was he a good coach or a good collector of talent?

Guy 1: Good coaches know how to get out of the way of talent. The players are what get it done.

Guy 2: You don’t think Jackson got out of Jordan’s way?

Guy 1: But Phil didn’t build the Bulls or Lakers. And look at what has happened in New York. Phil’s a part time GM. Where is his commitment?

Guy 2: This isn’t about him with the Knicks. It’s about his coaching. He’s got the hardware. Come on, now…

Guy 1: Come to think of, we’re both wrong. Popovich is the best coach. Look what he did in a small market.

Innocent Bystander: Oy…

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