Little Lucy, before the judge
Had the matrimony in mind
Legal wisdom would need a nudge
To see if this seventh grader was indeed the marrying kind
Testimony was duly sworn
The judge had a lot to think about
He seemed to be morally torn
But the bride, her parents, and groom gave him no legal doubt
So married they were down Sea Isle way
Just after she finished elementary school
Lucy was bound to this thirty three year old man on this day
With the judge hoping the law was no fool

The union of these two sure seems wrong
Unless of course their love was seriously strong.


Author’s Note: Based on story in the NYT 7/3/1937, p.32. Crazy…

Photo Credit: By Costică Acsinte Archive [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

3 thoughts on “Nabkovian?”

  1. A 12 year old girl was married to a man in his fifties in Lebanon earlier this year. He only needed her parents consent by law in that country.

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