Steam Art


A corner seat at Starbucks
Against the window,
Squinting under the midmorning sun

This is not my favorite place
Just somewhere to kill time
While the kids are at basketball camp

I’m trying to learn the difference
Between situation and story
While the jumpiness of java junkies goes on

The coffee is too hot
And I risk an Exxon spill
By taking the top off to cool the drink

The heat of the Dark Roast crude
Clashes with the air conditioned breeze from above,
Steam rises from the cup like a hot spring in the mountains

The wisps are like paint brushes
Attached to Pollack’s passing soul
Scratching into the muddy coffee canvas temporary masterpieces

The air currents change
Causing abstractions in the cup
That respect creativity and defy predictability

The sun adds its bright touch to the process
Blues and purples rise from the dark brown depths of Venti
Creating a subtle stained glass perfectly suited for a modest church or simple abbey

As the coffee cools, the steam wanes, and
The performance art comes to an end
Letting me know it’s time to go


Photo Credit: via Pexels

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