Rory Faces the Chupacabra (35)

The arrival of a dove and crow was not lost on the goats. They knew these were signs of peace and freedom, but the birds did not bring a ceremonial feel to the island. Attached to their legs were messages.

“This is same Game of Thrones stuff,” said Allen. He removed the notes and read them before handing the notes to Rory. “This is not good,” he said.

Rory read the notes which divulged that the Chupacabra had taken over Rory’s peanut farm. All Rory could see was the demise of his peaceful oasis. He saw bands of evil spraying graffiti in his house, the fields being burned, and the charities that relied on the peanuts boycotting the evilness that tainted the farm. Thoughts of retaliation mixed with military jargon accelerated his thinking to a point where not even Lucy would be able to make sense of it all. Finally, he snapped, the pressure was too much and he had a temporary mental blackout. He awoke to Allen having a conversation with some of the goats.

“We cannot let him take Rory’s land,” said Sitting Bull.

“We will do whatever is necessary,” said Malcolm.

The only female goat, Harriet said, “I know how to get us there safely.”

The three spiritual goats were steadfast in the need for the Chupacabra to be stopped. They agreed to let faith guide the group and would not let their individual beliefs get in the way of stopping the evil enemy. MLK and Gandi advocated for peaceful resistance against the Chupacabra, but they knew there would be suffering before it was defeated. Their transformation from simple goats to leaders against a common foe showed devotion to their personal principles and to the one skill that would allow evil to be defeated, thinking.

“It’s not probable that the concurrence of evil would come together on a peanut farm,” said Einstein.

All of the goats looked at him with confusion.

“I’m just saying, why is evil using a peanut farm to rid the world of goodness?”

“Allergies,” said Rory. “He’s trying to make the world allergic to goodness. He thinks he can make hate the way of the world. Killing, debt, violence, drugs, distrust, anything evil is what he wants the people to run to. If people are allergic to peace, love, respect and anything else that is good, they will have to turn to his evil ways. We’ve got to change them, baby.”

“That’s Santana,” said Allen.

“I’m giving quoting movies a break.”

Harriet said, “We need to get going.” She made her goat noise and there was a great rush of air outside the house. From somewhere was a train being driven by Esther Rolle. It was the same train Rory has seen at the Stonewall Jackson Shrine. Riding along were the two atheists who doubted that other worlds existed. Now they were caught up in the whole movement.

“Come on, Rory. Let’s go kick some evil butt,” yelled one of the atheists.

Rory, Allen, and the goats got on the train and off they went. They each looked out the window thinking like they were some sort of European graphic designer. Rory knew evil could not prevail, but he wondered what the cost would be in shutting down this latest brand insolence. He imagined the Mr. Peanut that stood on Richmond Road wielding some kind of spray tan and verbal light saber that was tearing apart the farm that Rory had worked so hard to keep going. He didn’t know though what he was up against and the thought of fighting a big peanut made him laugh.

The train stopped at the end edge of the field and Rory’s worst suspicions were confirmed. The Chupacabra has ruined his home. There was no amount of HGTV magic thought would restore his home. The fields were smoldering from a large fire and at the end of the driveway sat a maroon Grand Prix. Rory stepped off the train and was followed by the three spiritual goats, the bearded one, the bald one, and the faceless one.

“You guys stay here. He’s after y’all, so I better go this one alone,” said Rory.

He began walking across the field. The ground was hot, but with the strength of the goats under him, Rory was able to cross without any pain. His heart rate was normal. His confidence was high. He was ready to deal with the Chupacabra on his terms. Evil would have no chance with Rory, Allen, and the greatest of all time in his corner. “This will be easy,” he thought.

As he neared the Grand Prix, he could hear Dylan singing, “Country Pie,” which got him thinking about the Grand Prix he once owned. The car had a big motor and pleather seats with plenty of room for the crew. He worried that there might be more than just the Chupacabra in the car. Then her remembered his team back on the train. They would be there for him no matter what. The door to the car opened and the Chupacabra started to get out. Rory recognized the untied high tops and calf high socks as the style back in the 80s. “This Chupacabra is out of touch,” he thought.

The Chupacabra got out of the car and turned towards Rory. The dove and crow flew from the train and landed on Rory’s shoulder. Their weight was nothing compared to the load that Rory felt when he saw the Chupacabra’s face. He looked back to the train. All of the goats were milling about in the field doing what Commonwealth Goatwork’s goats do, keeping everything in check. With their help, the field would be ready for replanting in no time. He turned back to himself and tried to reconcile how he could be with good goats and also the personification of evil.

“What do I call you?” asked Rory.

“Chupa works.”

“Why are we here?”

“Let’s take a ride. I’ll drive.” said Chupa.

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