Twenty Six Days To Go


Maybe I’m ready for work to start. Here is my day so far…

Reading the news: NYT + mini crossword, Google News,

Mike & Mike and MSNBC-Morning Joe. I mix in Fox for perspective, but find both troubling.

HGTV-A couple of episodes of Tiny Something

Three mile run, it’s humid and I’m way out of shape, but my wind is coming back…

Walk with my dog

Shower, lunch, journaling

Three more episodes of Tiny Something, the house from Richmond was cool. I’m not a big fan of the toilets in tiny homes. Bagging for my dog is one thing. Bagging for me is another…

Rock Legends-Dire Straits, if you’ve got the time, turn the lights off and listen to Telegraph Road (or try it on a Spinning bike…while pedaling!)

HGTV-House Hunters International: The couple compromised. Winter is surely coming…

Spotify: Telegraph Road. What else?

Soon we’ll be going to the Y. My legs are toast, so I’ll be writing about getting older and reading Seneca or Brene Brown. The night will fly by and tomorrow will be the next day closer to getting back to work. I’m betting less commitment to the television tomorrow. Maybe even a hair cut.

There’s time…

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