Four Hipsters at Starbucks

The Players:

Tracy: She’s college aged and gives off an air of ditzy, but it’s obvious she knows she is the star attraction for this group.
Colt: Tracy’s newest boyfriend. They met at Firefly. He delivers goods to a nearby military base.
Max: Tracy’s last boyfriend. They split up on the way to Firefly.
Jim: A barista and friend to Tracy and Max.

The Conversation:

Tracy: Hey you guys, this is so cool. We’re altogether, here at Starbucks. Who would have thought?

Max: Who would have thought…

Jim: I’m just on break, but its great to be hear. Hey, I’m Jim.

Colt: Nice to meet you, I’m Colt.

Jim: Oh, your Tracy’s new boyfriend.

Max: Her soldier standing at attention.

Colt: Yes, I”m Tracy’s boyfriend. No, I’m not in the military.

Tracy: He makes deliveries to the military bases. He’s a driver, he, he, he…

Jim: Where did you guys meet?

Tracy: At Firefly, we saw each other and started talking and it’s been nearly forty-eight hours together now.

Max: Records broken, congrats.

Jim: Congratulations on your longevity.

Colt: Thanks.

Jim: Besides drive, what do you do, Colt.

Colt: I ski.

Jim: Really? Me too. Where do you go?

Colt: Breckenridge. I’m from out there, so I hit all the slopes there, Vail, Winter Park, but I like Breckenridge the best. How about you?

Jim: Blue Mountain.

Colt: I’ve never heard of that.

Jim: Of course you haven’t, it’s in Pennsylvania.

Max: Dude, you suck, Pennsylvania is no Colorado.

Jim: What’s wrong with you today.

Max: I used to be the driver…

Tracy: Max, really? Don’t make me go into this again.

Max: Well we go to a concert and you dump me for this guy. What do you expect?

Tracy: It was over before we left. At least we gave you a ride home.

Max: But we had to stop for coffee on the way.

Colt: Relax, bro. You’ll get there.

Max: I’ve already been there. Now you’re backing into my old parking space.

Jim: Alrighty, I think my break is about over. Somebody could probably use help making a latte.

Max: Sorry for the scene, man. I’m bitter.

Jim: Don’t get shot. Gotta go. Nice meeting you, Colt. Tracy, hot as ever. Later.

Tracy, Colt, Jim: Later.

(I’m glad I’m old and married…)

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