Heroic Perspectives

Michael rested. Sixty four days
of fasting in the bowels of
Parkhurst prison finally
freed his rebellious
soul. Teeth loosened,
sunken eyes, and a punctured
lung left Michael a free man
whose soul left his
body unbroken.

A legacy of inspiration or detest,
It depends…

Michael eulogized a great man
who refused to compromise
with the power
brought against his cause. The Roman
Catholic priest paid homage
to the fallen, using his pulpit to acknowledge
the struggle of the Irish and
the expense of freedom those
from the north were willing
to “pay for in full.”

An Archbishop, schooled in
philosophy and theology,
known for his wisdom, impatience,
anti-violence commitment, and a man’s right
to justice, struck down Father Michael
for his “utterances” on Irish affairs. His flash of lightning
came quickly and represented a mortal
exorcising of the perspective,
understanding, and preaching of Spe Gaudents,
so easily professed by the pompous Holy one.

Three men, each a champion of
commitment to causes. Michael Gaughan,
standing for the plight
of Northern Ireland. Michael Connelly,
ministering on behalf of
those against the cruelty
existing in prisons
and the strength of individuals
choosing to resist. George Dwyer,
walking in the maze of personal
responsibility, church doctrine,
and political survival.

Only God knows which man
was correct in his actions. One
used force to help his tormented people.
Another forced to take leave for
ministering on the rights of men to
be free. The third
forcing his will, with the
weight of his authority,
to be just like the system that
brought three willful men

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