A School Conversation

Teacher 1: Sit down, my man, what’s going on?

Student: Nothing, how are you guys?

Teacher 1: Never had a bad day in my life.

Teacher 2: Good, just trying to survive here.

Student: I hear you. At least you get weekends off. I have to work.

Teacher 2: You still at the Sunny Half?

Student: Yep. I’m up to thirteen an hour.

Teacher 1: Whoa, sous chef?

Student: No, more like an apprentice. The chef likes me and thinks I’m going to culinary school.

Teacher 2: Why not?

Student: I’m going to college to be a petroleum engineer. I’ve seen too much stuff in the kitchen.

Teacher 1: You’ve been at it a couple of years, right?

Student: Yep. Most people quit after six months. There are too many junkies in the restaurant business. I’ve seen coke heads, heroin addicts, meth, alcoholics. They’re everywhere.

Teacher 1: Stay away from that stuff.

Student: No doubt, there was a guy there who told me who to stay away from. I’ve seen drugs at their worst and I have no interest in going there.

Teacher 2: Last year we had this same conversation. Instead of drugs, the problem was the curfew. Have you got that figured out yet?

Student: Yep. I bought a car, cash. A Honda. It gets me to work and back no problem.

Teacher 1: Don’t waste your money on cars. You’ll need it for college.

Student: I know, but I did buy my mom a car. She needed something. Alright, I’ve gotta go to work.

Teacher 2: We’re still in school. You just leave?

Student: I have two study halls in a row. They never know. Later.

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