A Father-Son Conversation

Father: I don’t know. I think it’s a little too jammy for me.

Son: Too jammy? Are you crazy. This is one of the best rock and roll albums of all time.

Father: Yeah, I hear you, but sometimes I don’t want twenty minute songs. Besides, the kind of blend together.

Son: You don’t concentrate. Duane Allman’s playing is ridiculous. Plus it’s live.

Father: I’ll give you Duane is great, but this isn’t even the best Filmore album.

Son: Name one that’s better.

Father: Derek and the Dominoes.

Son: Are you kidding? It borders on pop music. You could listen to the radio and hear those songs.

Father: What’s wrong with that? They jacked the songs up a little, but left you wanting more.

Son: Statesboro Blues is the greatest.

Father: Presence of the Lord…

Son: I don’t know, both are great. The Allman Brothers’ is just such an historical album.

Father: Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Son: Too jammy?… Next thing, you’ll be telling me that these aren’t even the best live albums.

Father: Well, 24-Nights does beat them both. And the one with Clapton and Steve Winwood is really good.

Son: Stop! You’re killing me.

Father: Some of those Jimmy Buffett live albums are good too.

Son: I’m done. You’ve officially lost your mind. Buffett will never be better than the Allman Brothers.

Father: And you’ll probably never realize that I’m pulling your chain.

Son: Seriously?

Father: Everything except the Allman Brothers being too jammy and which Filmore album is better.

Son: So you do think the Allman Brothers are better. I knew it.

Father: Nope. Miles Davis.

Son: Oh, boy…

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