Northern Temperate Zones 1957

Radioactive gasses grew in northern temperate zones,
Spewing dust over major towns.
Scientists said the data had not shown
A danger to people was falling down.
Still, worry could not be put to rest
With reporters spreading the story
Of how the Russians might be the best
At lobbing nukes for Communist glory.
As the tainted dust continued to fall,
Its effects were seen as a cost of being free,
One leaders and lemmings accepted without gaul.

Fear equates man with moral gruel,
Lacking anymore vision than a drunkard fool.

4 thoughts on “Northern Temperate Zones 1957”

  1. Mia, thanks. I’ve been taking some chances with form lately. It’s a real shame the way we treat nature, especially since we’ve known how bad things can be for so long. Thanks again for reading and your comments and enjoy your weekend.

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