Of Titans and Pillars

When we try to describe people who have been important to us, why is it that we must use the most dramatic words? Are people really titans or pillars? I guess that’s more a matter of vocabulary than anything else. Today, I was able to thank a couple of titans, pillars. Not really, they were my teachers and they were two of the best.

Many years ago, I entered a program thinking my career path would take me in one direction, but in the truest sense of what education should be, I learned more about me so that I would make decisions about my life that were informed, not blinded by a false sense of ambition. While it is a shame that it took until I got into a doctoral program to understand the bigger potential of education, I owe it to my former professors for presenting learning in a way that was meaningful, personal, and important.

So thank you Dr. Frazer and Dr. Svenning, you both showed me the relevance in gathering all of the information before making a decision, you both taught the importance of understanding a problem before proposing a solution, and you both made me love reading research with a critical eye.

I’ll always appreciate the wisdom that you both shared with me and I hope that I am able to pass it down to the students I’m working with. And just for the record, I don’t think titans are real, both of you most certainly are. Pillars just stand there, that’s not either of you. You are teachers, plain and simple.

The best…

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