These Guys

Donald DuBeau lost whatever humanity he had
When he went to the the apartment
Of Loria Frattini and went on a rampage
For nothing more than her saying no.

She turned him down
Refused his advances
Sent him packing,
Which is exactly what he was doing.

A small little man,

Because he waited by her building,
Shooting up the lobby,
Just missing her date,
And the doorman

Before showing his other pathetic side
Turning the gun on himself,
Ending the investigation,
Before judgment could be cast.

What’s wrong with guys,
Who wrap so much up in being told no,
Who figure they will get revenge by doing the deed?
Couldn’t they just skip over the woman, just do themselves?


  1. Wow. I’m not quite sure what to say other than thank you for reaching out. Loria’s story touched me at the time I first read it, but obviously there was much more in store than I knew at the time. Thank you, again.

  2. She was my mother; more accurately: she was my biological mother. Outside of my birth we never met. Her name and life were unknown to me until two years ago. All I know of her are a few photos and anecdotes. She has been described as a very warm and lovely person, most attractive, expressly independent and extraordinary for her time. When she was murdered I lived less than a mile away on the opposite side of Central Park to First Avenue.

  3. I don’t feel pestered, however, in searching I found references to Miss Frattini that included Lori, Laurie, and Loria. My connection to this story is on the way that she was victimized by two men and at the time that I came across the story there were things happening in the news that were similar. It’s coincidence that I saw this in the archives of the NYT and have learned more through your insight than in my original reading.

    I’m curious as to your connection to the case and grateful for your thoughts. I agree that accuracy is important here and hope that I have “gotten it right.”

  4. NYT: The police said two shots fired by Donald Dulleau, 32, of San Diego, shattered’ a” glass door in the lobby, narrowly missing Mr: McNeel and an unidentified doorman. Miss Frattini sought to flee through the lobby to a rear door leading to a garage. Three niore shots fired bY‐Mt. DuBeau, a computer analyst, struck and killed her, the police said. Mr. DuBeau then shot himself once in the head.

    Thanks, again…

  5. Your facts are wrong; you named the wrong guy. McNeel likely did lose his humanity that day for his cowardly conduct, but he was not the shooter.

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