Not So Easily Modified

A voodoo murder in Cuba,
Sensationalism at its best
Giving way to its worst.

Evidently the mystical charms
Brought physical harm
To a young lad of six.

The details filled in by the report
Included a full palette of discussion
On the victim’s pale skin.

The details also focused
On the dark nature
Of the machete wielding blood seeker.

Reading the story
Stirred a bit of sickness
Where everything is broken to black and white.

The blood was red.
The fear this murderous ritual inspired was blinding.
The sadness for the whole affair was black or blue, whichever.

This story, salacious as it was,
Still gets written today
On media benefitting from race baiting.

Be it one culture downing others
Be it another clowning back,
I’m drowning in all this separation.

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