Drugs, Money, and Flexibility

Prohibition brought the drying of taste buds,
A temperance thought to solve
All evils.

The Depression brought desperation
And the reality that people wanted
Their drinks.

Economic stagnation fueled empty coffers
Politicians sought to fill with new laws
On alcohol.

Taxes from the sale of beer and ale
Would bring the country back to
Fiscal greatness.

Sound familiar?

The weed has green smoke rising from its buds
That Feds have banned across
The land.

Medicinal methodology masks financial optimism
Under the guise of
Organic healing.

The symptoms of illness
Might feel less worse
Under the haze of THC.

But it’s the taxes that will drive the sale
Of this highly controversial drug with
No true purpose.

Yadda, yadda, yadda…

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