Easily Manipulated

Eight hundred dollars a month
For insurance to pay for decent health care
Seems like too much
Way beyond what is fair

I mean, I’m thinking about American Pickers
Where they try to double their money
So it makes me think the insurance companies
Charging twice as much isn’t so funny.

I’ve been thinking about retirement
At least from my current career
And the idea of how expensive it will be
Has me hanging on for a few more years.

The eight hundred is what scared me most
Because it’s hard to imagine the benefit
Of not working and then paying so much
For less of a benefit.

Unless, of course, I was like the guy with the story
Of the eight hundred dollar monthly bills
Who took a maintenance job at sixty
So he could afford to pay for his ills.

He worked his life
Toiling with hammers and nails
Making good money, but never
Filling those financial sails

Now at sixty-one
He’s starting over with less of a check
For some security and benefits
That private employment never put on the deck.

His story of starting over scares me
I’m not thinking so hard about giving in
Retirement can wait for at least twelve more years
Maybe more if I get scared again.

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