New York Times: May 17, 1926


All they wanted was
A cost of living increase,
But the barons of public school finance
Sought to study the worth
Of those in the classroom,
Who claimed they were not afraid of the facts,
Only looking for a respect
That was adequate and equitable.


They were the men in charge
Prohibition Directors who developed a thirst
For a little whisky
To wash down the blandness of temperance
But for them it was not to be
Since alcohol was illegal
In these parts and these corrupted men of power
Seemed to have been tempted by the sweet tasting Devil’s water.


Those Southern Baptists,
Believers in all that is good
And that which is not
Will be struck down by flood or fire,
Got together in Texas banning
Beauty contests and bathing revues.
While they were at it, they also poured conservative concrete
On joy riding and mixed gender bathing.


Just to bring it all back to the start
The American Federation of Labor
Claimed industry was promoting
The right conditions
For class warfare, class antagonism, and social unrest.
They held up a letter from Pope Leo
Where the Pontiff said industry used
“Unanswerable logic” to baffle the working man


Maybe this is the trinity
That makes the world
Go around;
Drugs, and
Things never change, do they?
They don’t seem to.

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