Rory and Allen Find Insight From a Burrito (#22)

Faith decided to head back East. She knew that her father needed the limousine, so she said good-bye and left Rory and Allen at Chuy’s, an indoor-outdoor Mexican food restaurant in Tuscon. Both had eaten at this very place before. Many years ago they had come to Arizona to take care of Rory’s brother’s effects after his sudden death. This time the circumstances of the visit to Tuscon were much different. Their first trip west was about grief and loss. Somehow the second visit was about renewal and gain. Unfortunately, neither Rory nor Allen had any idea what they were in for.

“Do you guys want something to eat or drink?” said the waiter. He was like a kid from their high school, blonde hair, perfectly parted down the middle, intense eyes, and an equally fired up posture. He seemed more suited for working the power lines than the chow lines, but at least he was there now.

“I’ll take a burrito, no onions, please. A beer, too,” said Rory.

“Same with onions,” said Allen. “What are we doing here, man?”

“I don’t know, Allen. I keep trying to figure that out too.”

“We’ve been bouncing around. It’s obvious this is spiritual. Do you think the goat is…”


“Then why are we here?”

The Sting-ish looking waiter brought the food and drinks. Rory stared at the burrito.

Rory said, “This might be unmitigated life hacking mumbo jumbo, but I think we are trying to find our truest source. I think we are trying to shred whatever keeps us from seeing the best that we can become. Look at that burrito, let it help us answer our questions. The burrito is crispy on the outside and delicious on the inside. The rolling of the burrito is done with care so that we don’t make a mess of things. How does that help inform what we are doing?”

“Corona is fizzy. I wish we had a Sam’s Seasonal. Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you wanting to use the burrito to help generate a reason why we are here? If nothing else, it’s food that keeps us going.”

Rory looked at Allen and felt a solace that would make him rich if he could ever monetize it. “That’s it. We are looking for what keeps us going. There’s nothing covert about it. We have found our Surales Mounds. It’s all worm poop!”

Allen looked at Rory as if Rory was drinking something stronger than Corona. “What are you talking about?”

“Think about it. All of the dirt in our world passed through a worm. Dirt is poop, but from that comes beautiful stuff.”

They stared at each other and got lost in the Neko Case version of “I’ll Be Around.” They were having one of those quiet pauses that happens with the lateral thinking a-ha moment. A guy walked up behind Rory and Allen.

“Hey guys. Sorry I missed you last time.”

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