It’s Been Awhile Since I Ranted

There have got to be others out there
Sick of things as they are.
I’m wishing for changes like:

Rules to be rules, not rules with exceptions and loop holes,
Honesty from above to replace the wink and the nod,
Sanity to return to the teaching of our children,
Tolerance to outlast hatred,
Patience to accompany the changes needed in society,
Unions to move beyond salary and benefits,
Organizations to move beyond salary and benefits,
Referees to take back basketball and
Players to respect the referees,
Shorter seasons, fewer playoff teams, and less television time-outs
A legislative branch that will work with the executive branch
And a time where every issue,

Teacher pay
Lebron James
Fox News/CNN
Alternative lifestyles,

Were not automatically partisan in affiliation,
This sociopolitical bipolar disorder has got to stop.
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone learned to check their egos
For the good of US?
How about getting to the point
Where making a buck
Was more about honesty and hard work
Than about the latest scam or scheme?
Could we recognize that the difference between
Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Prop Joe
Is more about acceptance by the government
Than differences in business models,

Free samples
Addictive ingredients
Protect the product at all costs

I don’t know.
I miss idealism. Realism just isn’t floating my boat
Which makes me some kind of refugee
Trying to find safe harbor
From the aggression of tyranny…


I’m here, that’s what this grand experiment is about.
It’s self-evident, no?



  1. I agree with you on most of this, and some I don’t know what you’re talking about (Lebron James?) but especially am right there with you on the refugee raft. Don’t you know, though, that we pilgrims are blessed? There was a sermon on the mount once that said it all, and by remaining in the truth within our hearts, despite the nonsense stuff that happens on the outside, we are able to actually FEEL these blessings. The profound peace that underlies every emotion; the love that binds us to our fellow brethren.

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