Over in Aussie land,
The papers were full of madness,
Johnson v Goldwater was coming to an end,
The reports had it as one crazy election
With insults and idiocy
The likes which had not ever been seen.

Until today when the current crop
Of egotists took to the pursuit of
The highest office.

The UK looked to stop the spread
Of nuclear weapons
As the haves worried about losing power
When the have nots
Got a briefcase of codes
That would detonate a big bomb.

Kind of like today where upstart,
Angry countries
Look to enter radioactive diplomacy.

There was snobbery at Eton.
Known for it’s upper crust stature,
People had grown tired of its
Cliquishness, condescending, and rude attitude
Calling the school’s aura
Intolerable and dangerous.

Similar to the cries against
“One-percenters” and those who think
Only one culture’s color matters.

November 1964 where volatility flourished.
March 2016 where volatility is flourishing.
Same stuff, same issues, same fears
History just repeats,
Only the names change
Idiocy remains.

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