Mr. Bozo, not of clown fame,
Climbed behind the wheel of his auto
And mashed the accelerator to the floor
As his friend was sick
Without much time left on Earth.

Mr. Bozo drove with gusto
Weaving through traffic
So single minded on seeing his friend
That speed limits meant nothing
Except to Constable Ewart.

The good officer pulled Bozo over
Who explained his reason for speeding
And the impending death of his sick friend
Which had little impact on the emotionally jaded
Man of the law.

Several months later, the citation was argued in court
With the Constable calling Bozo,
“Dangerous, a menace, suicidal, and homicidal.”
Mr. Bozo, simply pleaded guilty and affirmed that
He sped to see his sick friend.

A fine was levied and his license was suspended,
Which did not bother the defendant at all,
When asked by the judge if he understood,
Bozo said, “I do your honor. Thankfully,
I made it in time to see my friend off.”


Photo Credit: picography.co via Pexels

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