Rory Explains… (#15)

Allen you won’t believe this. Sit back and enjoy those nachos with chili and cheese because I went to a place that is not possible, but really happened. You won’t believe me, but I’m telling you, this happened. I drank from that bottle and sat in the chair like it was “A Clockwork Orange” when that guy was forced to look at all the violence. I swear I was in your parents’ trailer watching that movie. Remember that? I was eating rotisserie chicken and my legs kept flopping around. You said, ‘What going on Rory and I said my left leg won’t let my right leg stay on top.’ Anyway, there was a storm on the horizon, or at least I think there was because I felt like I was not conscious, then it got really weird. The goats changed. They became people. People we knew. Famous people, think the biggest spiritual icons from every religion. Their eyes held the truth and as they stared at me, I rose to a stance showing my respect and awe for them. Am I crazy? All these dudes were standing before me and I think they knew I was craving answers, but they would not speak to me. Then it got weirder. That old football coach from high school, the one Craig Mickens pegged in the face with a dodgeball at the pool and who is now a life coach came into the room. I started sobbing, which was unflattering, but who can know how they will react when they are in the presence of spiritual royalty. All I could do was cry like I wanted my mama, but she would have been more overwhelmed than me, so it’s good that she wasn’t there. The old football coach talked to each of the great spirits and in the same sequence he recited back their messages to me. I could not understand a word that he was saying, but I knew exactly what to do. I was a pilgrim errant, about to find certainty in a way only possible to those who have granted themselves permission to see the world differently. I walked from the woods to the fields and found myself tilling ground under the heinous eye of an overseer. I dug in weeds all day. I swatted bugs all day. I thought of running away all day. I feared for my life because of cracking whips or the whim of an owner who might sell me away from all those who I loved. Allen, I was a slave and had been put there by your goats, who were also the top of the spirituality food chain. At the end of the who knows how long, the carpenter came to me and said, “Empathy goes a long way towards understanding.” And here we are. Sitting in your white Dodge truck talking our psychology and science discussion to a higher level. Am I going crazy or are my thoughts becoming adaptive? Help me understand.

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