His change came when Mr. Steele,
For some odd reason, decided it was a good idea
To hold a man hostage and
Point a shotgun at the po-po.

The lawmen thought his idea bad
And lit his ass, really lit his ass up,
But he survived,
Going to prison for a minimum of seventeen years.

There he decided to stop with the craziness
And leave prison life
Just few years early and
To forego hostage taking for bank robbing.

He took a walkabout straight out the prison gate,
Not stopping until he got to Britain
Where the bank robbing began
For as much the bravado as the riches.

Mr. Steele disguised himself,
Flashed a gun, handed out demand notes, and
Walked out of the banks
With puny hauls for such an audacious game.

One day Scotland Yard’s finest
Got a tip of a bank bandit cornered on a double decker.
They rushed to the scene
Where Mr. Steele was brandishing his gun.

Several people were nearly hostages
But intrepid officers of the law
Subdued the arrogant bank robber
Who wielded a nothing more than a toy weapon.

The change for Mr. Steele
Had been a failure in some eyes,
But through the only ones that mattered
A plot for the next escape was already in the works.

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