Better Ways??

Mr. Nixon was really no different
Than the current crop of politicians
And celebrity seekers of office
When he thought making a deal with Turkey and France
To slow the flow of drugs,
In this instance opium,
Into the United States.

He dealt a blow to sobriety
By making the product rampant
And causing the establishment
To make punishment the focus
Of drug prevention.
He promised an eighty percent reduction
In the amount of opium entering the country.

Starting the war
Brought a blizzard of drugs
To the American crack pipe,
Prisons full of addicts
Who one day would be free with nothing
To do, and
Plenty of drugs from doctors
To inspire the chronic users to
Search for cheaper alternatives, opium’s derivatives…

We’re all to blame,
We put Nixon in office.
We will vote
Putting the candidate we think
Least likely to make things worse in office
Instead of electing
Smart leaders who will govern morally,
Practically, and
With a sense that there is more to the world
Than domination or letting the rich
Keep their money.

How about jobs instead of jail?
How about corporate consciousness?
How about personal responsibility?

How about it?

Because the drugs will always be around
And our strategy for helping those struggling
Has not worked,
Why not try something different?
Why not think outside of prison cells
Or thinking there will ever be
A way to totally drugs drugs at the boarder?

Is there too much money involved?
Not enough for the dealers…?
Not enough for the government organizations…?
Not enough for the insurance companies…?
Not enough for the pharmaceutical companies…?

This drug mess is not only Nixon’s doing,
But his addiction to power play
Was as sad as a puffy junkie puffy who missed a blast.
November will bring
Another in a long line
Of leaders too scared to make a meaningful change.

The blizzard continues.

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