Mr. Asche


Oscar was having problems.
His spending was uncontrollable and
His income was unable to keep pace.

Oscar sat in his study
Burning incense that spread good cheer
Due to the drafty breeze sneaking through the windows.

Oscar had an idea
To write a book about a pirate
Who tossed victims aside as if they were nothing.

He knew something about this
Having run away and
Given up on a career in law.

He knew all about this
Having been a stage star,
Now struggling as a former success.

The wisps of fragrance rose from the stick
Drifting to the right allowing him see the horror of piracy
From which he might become a profiteer.

Oscar did not know how little time he had left,
His life burned away and soon to fall
Like the ash dropping off the joss stick.


Photo Credit: via Pexels

3 thoughts on “Mr. Asche”

  1. Thanks for commenting. I’ve been using photos from There is a good selection and they are free! As for Mr. Asche, he seems to have led a crazy life.

  2. I love the photo, as it really told the story on its own. Time to get a new joss stick, right? Every star has to leave the stage at some point.

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