A Victor Spoke


The honorable Dr. Holbrook caused a bit of a stir
In the Colonial Capitol back in 1908.
Those who remembered his last visit
Might have thought he bellowed like a hurricane.

The good doctor had come all the way to Williamsburg
From his home in Milwaukee
To talk about the war from the sixties
That everyone outside of the South called the Civil War.

He talked of how locals
Might have given critical information
That aided the blue bloods
In their siege of the city.

He talked about Hancock,
Custer, and the local men
Who he swore had offered
More expertise about the battle than anyone cared to hear.

After all, the battle weary citizens of Williamsburg
Lost the battle, suffering the indignity
Of starting the slide
That would go a long way ending the war, whatever it was called.

Funny how in 1908 the South was still hanging on
And setting up monuments to the rebel way,
Funny how in 1908 northerners will still
Rubbing defeat in their faces.

Thank goodness…

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