Archive diving in newspapers past
And I’m struck by the amount of change
That has needed to happen.

Practices I can’t fathom,
Where my government sanctioned unethical sterilization
On its own citizens. Horrible.

Turning on the television
And I’m struck by the hypocrisy of change
That continues to happen

When people are fighting for what is right
By pointing out when white is wrong with trivial awards
Then act as segregationists for our prizes. Part of the problem…

We don’t change. We make the same mistakes.
It’s in the old papers. It’s on television today.
We are not becoming more tolerant. I wish we would.

We can be better than we are.
We can treat everyone better.
We need better.

But where will better come from, the government?
I pray so, but this bickering for the next president
Makes me think the next one will unfathomable.

So I’m going to dive back into the archives,
Seeing what happened all those years ago.
Except this time I’ll read the papers from Australia.

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