The Lewiston Maine Daily Sun
Wrote that a virus was in Philadelphia
That could only be cured by
A bunch of dudes in costumes
Prancing about.

The Mummers…ho-hum…

I wonder what they would have written this year
When the cure became the virus
Spewing out characters that could only be seen
Through the eyes of folks
Who were sick with stupidity.

The Mummers…It’s off to history you go…

Now money is drying up
As sponsors run from the pageantry
That the benefactors of all that cash
Claim makes Philadelphia
A better place.

Huh?…Isms and phobias aren’t so great…

The winds are blowing on Broad Street
And hopefully they change
Whatever is going on in all those fancy costumes
Because a tradition that seems wrong
Should not continue this way.

(Note: January 1, 1970: Lewiston Daily Sun, p.10)

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