The Waffle House was hopping
The irons were flipping fast,
Eggs and hash browns filled the flat top,
People were sitting in the waiting area,
And oldies rocked the juke box.

The morning was nearly over.
The soccer set was showing up
Looking for some sustenance
After the pseudo family time
On the pitch.

Nora and Ralph arrived in a bit of a state
For she had smoked too much
And he had tired of her craziness.
They parted in the parking lot
When she got out first and he drove away.

Drawn to the smell of old grease
Nora took her act inside
Preaching God’s word to the breakfast congregation
And receiving for her meth induced sermon
An invitation to leave.

Well that didn’t go over well
And Nora thought it best
To strip down to nothing
Showing all the proper families
Real eggs over easy.

All the while, she kept true to her faith
Sure that her nudity was inspirational
And sanctioned by the Lord’s favor.
Unfortunately for Nora,
Her maker sent the law to lock her up.

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