1970 was not too long ago…
Yet politics today sound much the same
On this night of Republican mashups,
The Democrats get another night to be just as stupid,
I’m reading The Rising Star, number 23 from forty six years ago.

There was a new mortician in town
Who happened to be Methodist.
The editorial was railing against the government
And its bending over backwards to keep
Southern gentleman out of the Supreme Court.


The writer went on to further proclaim
Schools should be returned
To “people qualified to run them.”

Double huh?

What exactly did he or she mean,
A graduate of the pecan growing class
Or a member of a lily white class?
So on this night where the news print archives
Read like a sound bite from the debate
My blood runs cold for the haters.

1970 was not too long ago…


Photo Credit: via Google Images

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