To Coach Jones

Coach Jones, I owe you an apology
For as my aunt will tell you
I was cocky and sullen as a teenager.

I know now what you stood for
And better understand your method
That was once madness to me.

You stand for hard work, commitment, and respect.
I was not wise enough to understand back then,
Thinking I was free of your influence.

I thought that because
You were not my teacher or coach.
You were, though, a principled man.

I thought that I could say what I wanted
Because my aunt is only sort of right,
She fails to mention that I can be confrontational, too.

You asked me to tie my shoes
And I spoke with great disrespect to you,
Much to the surprise to all my teammates.

Kudos to you for using my words against me.
Coach Farrior took care of things
And I stayed out of your sights for the rest of my time at LHS.

Recently, I saw you at a football game in the ‘Burg.
Thirty years had passed since I last spoke to you
And I was embarrassed.

Embarrassed of how I spoke to you.
Embarrassed that I did not apologize to you there.
Just embarrassed…Humility seems to come with age.

So Coach Jones,
Please know that I am truly sorry
For the way that I spoke to you.

You did not deserve that.

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