For the Love

Two men bound by duty
Met in the stadium grounds
After a football match
Of the Aussie kind

The chaps, only interested in leaving
Got waylaid by the evil looks
That stoked an all out cat fight
Between one’s wife and the other’s daughter

The young lass must have eyed the elder wrong
Causing the matronly one to pounce.
The father came to his daughter’s rescue
Only to be decked in the jaw by the cougar’s husband.

A general scrum ensued
Until the exiting crowd stepped in
To end the donnybrook
And return calm to the football loving spectators.

The daughter sulked back to the stadium
And the most assuredly gentle reassurances of worth
Only her mother could provide,
But they were too scared to leave alone.

The team, knowing the family well,
For the father was a team official,
Banded together and used all their brawn
To get mollifying mom and annoying little snit daughter safely to an auto.

Meanwhile, the husband calmed his ranting wife
Who swore, both literally and spiritually,
That she would not be treated as she was
By someone obviously so spoiled and manipulative.

Once she caught her breath
The offended one got in her car
Leaving her husband alone
With the father he had just punched in the jaw.

“Sorry about that, mate,
I thought you were attacking my wife
And I just came in
To protect her.”

“No problem, I should have let your wife
Rough my daughter up a little bit.
You’ve got some punch,
That was great fun.”

Husband and father
Shook hands and had one more laugh
Before getting back to listening to their loves wax on
About their meeting for days on end.