Barefoot Julie


Julie was barefoot in the sand
The winter night bringing a chill
That was just right for her
Shiny new shawl.

Julie walked barefoot through life
Not wanting to make a sound,
Not wanting to be noticed,
At least that’s what she said.

The truth was that she was lonely
And had taken a vacation
To figure out
What was next for her life.

The shawl had been an impulse buy
Just something for a little warmth
And tonight it had given her
A chance to make a change.

Ahead, lights were on,
The beach side bar was open
And a glass of wine might just be
A partner to help Julie think.

She walked in knocking the sand from her feet.
One other lonely soul sat at the bar.
Julie avoided making eye contact,
The wine was so sweet.

Finally, a conversation happened.
He was polite, non threatening.
She was guarded, maybe a little coy.
They were just alike.

So much so that they went home alone.
Julie back into the night,
On that cold sand
Barely making a impression.


Photo Credit: via Pexels