Rory, A Call of Duty (Part 2)

Note: I have another blog,, where I post stories and poems generally centered around Williamsburg, Virginia. Here is a sample of an on-going story about a character named, Rory. This particular project involves a friend emailing me ten random words that I must put into a five hundred word story. I hope enjoy this very short story and that you’ll check out the blog.

Rory, A Call of Duty (Part 2)

The life of a righteous person can be tough, especially if that person has never had much direction in any significant way. Rory saw so much possibility in the world. He wanted to make the world better for women. He wanted to make the world more tolerant of different races and cultures. He also knew that he was one man and dabbling in too many causes would become tedious.

Before interfacing with activists from some cause, Rory decided to examine his true nature and restore his soul with a bit of self-maintenance. Rory started his reflective journey by opening iTunes and letting Mark Knopfler knead a different level of consciousness into him. As he drifted into a meditative state where the rich guitar sounds freed his mind from the bounds of quantifiable time, Rory felt the peace that hangs in the air as notes drift into nothing.

He saw the competing contradictions of activism where one side is often out to get what it thinks it should have without considering the consequences or responsibility that comes with their request. He dreamt of real injustice where people are oppressed and how little is done to help them. Then he saw people with means complaining that they are not getting the benefits of the system. He saw women being denied equality in so many areas, then he saw women stooping to the lowest means of self promotion. He saw actors creating us versus them conflicts and wondered when will all sides become one.

His meditation threw him into a crisis for Rory was just one man. How could he stop the ridiculousness of a world where nothing was ever enough for people? The hyper-flexible morals that define the vagaries of people’s morality makes it difficult to call out hypocrisy and have people hear any message. There is too much information and too many outlets spewing idiocy for the consumption of selfish people.

Rory came out of his dream during a guitar solo in Telegraph Road and knew that he could not become an affiliate of any cause. He was sympathetic to woman’s rights, knowing that this was moral and just. He was sympathetic to the plight of minorities, knowing that this, too, was moral and just. He felt uncomfortable joining any cause because he was suspicious of groups and accepting their dogma as his. His activism would be based on his code.

Rory would treat women as equals and reject the sexism so pervasive in society. He would treat those of other cultures as equals knowing that the mutt nature of DNA makes us all part of the same breed. The problems of race are the result of social stupidity, not biological design. Rory, the activist, would be the best he could be without expecting others to change. He would not be disappointed by people anymore.

He leaned over and petted his rescued pit bull, Einstein, and said, “Let’s just be good to everyone.”

Brothers In Arms began to play.