No Love From Debbie

Debbie loved Dallas,
He was her husband of ten years,
But lately she was feeling a strain
Knowing he was out
Loving the rest of town.

She stayed at home
Accepting her homemaking role
Because it was what he wanted,
The hot meals, the clean dishes,
The stuff he expected.

She toiled in the kitchen,
Dishpan hands,
Feelings of regret.
She wanted to be appreciated,
As she once had been.

Christmas came and Dallas went all out
Bringing his lovely wife
A finely wrapped box
With a beautiful red bow
From Lord & Taylor.

Debbie felt an excitement
Rising within her, something she feared was long lost.
He did love her.
She was on his mind.
He was coming back to her.

She tore through the paper
Hoping for jewelry,
Hoping for beautiful clothes.
What she got
Was totally unexpected.

“They’re fine Irish linen towels,” said Dallas, “super absorbent.”

She thanked him and poured him a drink.
He rushed through one
Then two, three, and four.
She let him get wasted
And stood by his side as he passed out.

Debbie was done.
So she did Dallas by lighting a fire
In the heart of their home.
The Christmas tree went up in flames
Along with Dallas and the fine Irish linen towels.