They Talked. They Parted.

airport photo
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She saw
What she wanted
To see
When she read
The advertisements in the paper.

She was
On her way
To Caracas,
Dressed for sleep or partying
Just as the ad promised.

She hid
Under dark sunglasses
A scarf
And a tiger stripped suit
That looked like it had in print.

She read
How the Jobs Corps
Would not
Write about sex anymore
Because it was too complex.

She agreed.
There was a time
And a place
When sex should be
Talked about in the right way.

She spotted
Someone intriguing
As she entered the plane
And acted
As if she did not see him.

He knew better
Because he was
Dangerous in his sweater,
Looking like a spy or playboy
On the way to Caracas.

He liked
The way she walked,
Trying to be a celebrity,
But showing
She was running away.

Was true, she
Had become tired
In New York
And wanted time alone.

Which was
All she ever had
Because she
Really was alone
And not wanting to be so.

Was like her,
Only never alone,
Wanting nothing more
Than to be so.

He found
Her intriguing
As she sat across the aisle,
But he acted
As if he did not see her.

They sat
Towards each
Other and
Began to talk awkwardly.

They learned that being
With the other would never happen
Because their journey to intimacy
Was interrupted by  their conversation,

Just as the Job Corps said.

They made it to Venezuela
Stylish and fashionable,
Both content
That the complexities of togetherness
Were not for them.

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