Privilege List

Having a cop as a father
Was as close to privilege 
As I will ever be.
He got me into college football games,
He got me into college basketball games,
He got me jobs at concerts.
While my friends were hustling,
Selling those Pepsi’s and peanuts,
I was riding easy on the sidelines, 
Watching from the press box,
Or leaning on the stage
About as close to Sting as anyone could get.
Having a cop as a father
Was a lucky charm, like
When getting to baseball practice
Required too much speed for the sheriff
Or the William and Mary student snitches
Were out on a Saturday night.
While some kids were taking vacations
I was learning the value of integrity,
Although, sometimes the hard way
And in a manner that allowed
Me to see all sides of my choices,

Which may have been the greatest privilege of all.