Middle Aged Guy Looking Back

Man on bench
Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Whoa, where has the time gone?
Didn’t I just turn twenty-one?
Weren’t the kids just born?
Why am I thinking retirement?

The time of youth seems to have passed.
I have little aches
And I’m getting those lines of experience.
The court is a little longer and the hoop higher.

I swear it is.

I prefer sitting at home
To clubbing or movies,
Even over restaurants most of the time.
I even drive a grandpa truck.

Have I done enough?
Is there time to do more?
To make it…?
To be something…?

To go on gracefully…?

Whoa, how much time is left?
I’ll be eighty before too long.
It’s hard to believe.
I’ll be old.

Better get busy.
Busy appreciating each day,
Busy savoring the moment.
Busy putting age in it’s proper place.

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